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God is love.  But what is love?  The word love means many different things to many people. However, if we agree that God is love then we should also agree that we can learn what love is by answering the question, how does God love?
Does God love in the warm fuzzy way?  Does he sit on his throne and heaven just think warm thoughts about us?  Or does God loves us in the “pat you on the back whatever you do” way?  Is he there to bless whatever we do in whatever way we desire?
Truth is, God loves his people in a way that sounds odd at first.  He loves by exposing and rebuking sins.  Why?  Because it is not loving to let someone walk in the way that leads to present and eternal destruction.   No mother watching their child about to touch a hot burner just celebrates their curiosity.    No Father rejoices in their boy’s bravery in deciding to play in the busy street.  God is love.  Love rebukes wrongdoing.
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