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Matthew 7:15-23

Rev. Andrew Eckert

Eighth Sunday after Trinity
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 
Wellston, Oklahoma
 Sun, Jul 29, 2012 

My beloved flock, heed my stern warning to you: Beware and avoid false teachers that come in sheep’s clothing.

Now you may ask, How can a wolf in sheep’s clothing fool anybody?  It seems like a very clumsy disguise.  Who would ever mistake a wolf wrapped in sheepskin for a real sheep?

The answer is, sheep would make that mistake.  Sheep are not the mensa candidates of the animal kingdom.  But I am not really talking about dumb beasts – I am talking about us.  We are spiritually dumb beasts.  We have extremely poor discernment in spiritual matters, because our feelings so easily lead us astray.

We feel like a preacher is good if he feels soft and warm – but that could be the sheep’s clothing on a wolf.  Wool can feel nice and comfortable.  A preacher can feel pleasant to us.  But that does not make him a true preacher.

Therefore, do not trust the warmth and softness of your preacher (even if he happens to be a true preacher).  That is nothing in which to put your trust.  A true preacher will not always feel soft.  A wool-wrapped wolf may feel so soft and warm that he could devour you long before you know anything is wrong.

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