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[COMPENIUM: Rev. Bror Erickson, Translator, was kind enough to give me the following review on Bo Giertz’s works. The featured book,”To Live With Christ,” is a wonderful Daily Devotional Book that my husband and I are using. It is set up by the church year, rather than by days of the week, etc. Easy to read and understand, each devotional is about 1 1/2 pages long.]

[Translated by Rev. Bror Erickson from the original Swedish, this is available at www.amazon.com in book form or at www.cph.org in book and digital forms]

Many people in the English speaking world know Bo Giertz for his phenomenal book “The Hammer of God”, and though other books of his have been translated into English they know little else of him. In fact, a while back I had to send quite a bit of material to my friend Bishop Tswaedi of South Africa, who was asked to do a paper on Bo Giertz. He contacted me astonished that so little was known about the man. It is a great shame that so little is known about him in the English speaking world. In a century where the title bishop has been so badly abused by men like Spong, Hammar, Pike, etc. Bo Giertz remained faithful to his Lord, Jesus Christ. He stood for what he knew to be right. He remained a confessional Lutheran, standing on the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions. He opposed to the ordination of women in the face of huge opposition and persecution. Yet first and foremost he always remained a pastor, an under shepherd of Christ. His heart was for serving the people of God, who had been entrusted to them. He relished feeding them the pure Gospel. So he never quit writing. In Swedish, he has over 600 titles, of which only a handful have ever been translated and published.  This has been slowly changing the last few years.  Now you can drink from the fount of his pastoral pen with “To Live with Christ”, “The Knights of Rhodes”, “A Hammer For God,” “Christ’s Church” as well as “The Hammer of God”, which remains a must read classic for those interested in Lutheranism and what makes it tick. I am also glad to tell you “Then Fell the Lord’s Fire” will be on the market within the next month [Sept. 2012]. This is the kind of book you want to buy for your pastor, as well as yourself. It is a collection of his ordination sermons that pack law and gospel for pastors young and old alike.
Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Bror Erickson