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[COMPENDIUM: If you have not been to the National Catherdral in Washington, DC, please go! I will go back to see this window soon. The last time I was there, a service was being held inside and a wedding preparation was being done outside. You can check their website for the details, times, and directions. In 2011, the VA earthquake did some damage to the outside spires and that is being repaired now. http://www.nationalcathedral.org/ ]

To the right you see a window in the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.. It is called colloquially the “Space Window.” It is officially titled the “Scientists and Technicians” window. In the middle of at the top of the window, a piece of lunar rock collected on the Apollo 11 mission is encapsulated. It was given to the cathedral by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. At the bottom of the window, it says, “Is Not God in the Height of Heaven?” (Job 22:12)

In a day when space exploration is so often viewed by both sides as an enemy of faith, this window is refreshing in reminding us again that the hosts of heaven declare the glory of God.

Its place in a cathedral reminds us that all is God’s and there is nothing in the world that needs be hidden in order to maintain a belief in God or his Word. Just last night in trying to briefly explain the theory of evolution to my catechumens, one inquisitive student asked, “So are there scientists who are Christians?” Indeed there are. This is true even though at times listening to either side you might think it impossible. There are many who peering into the intricacies of creation are again and again confirmed in their belief in a magnificent Creator. Neil Armstrong was one such scientist.