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[COMPENDIUM: Rev. Jonathan Fisk has an unusual way or preaching and teaching. Not just for kids, teens, and young people, Rev. Fisk has a following of many adults and other Pastors! His new book is out…well, you will just have to click on the links in Rev. McCain’s post to find out more.]

Are you a FiskFan? Don’t know who Fisk is or why you should be, or would want to be, a fan?

Well, this person is listed on the clergy roster of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod: Fisk, Jonathan M.

A few years back Pr. Fisk started making weird YouTube videos, a whole Lord of Rings/World of Warcraft meets Monty Python with Ninjas and kitties kind of thing, but all about good Biblical Lutheran theology. He is still making them. They are still weird. They are still good. The YouTube channel is called “Worldview Everlasting

He has a habit of making two videos a week, more or less. One is devoted to a discussion of the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday based on the original Greek, the other is a video devoted to … ummmm … well, not sure how to describe it. You just have to experience them to get it, or not, or sort of.

The last Greek Tuesday video he made was titled, “Don’t Cut Off Body Parts!” His videos are full of helpful safety tips like that.

I started watching his videos, along with a lot of other videos, when he started making them.

Fast forward a couple years to the point that Concordia Publishing House reached out to Fisk and said, “Hey, you weird YouTube video making person, you, would you like to do a book?” Took some convincing. Took him doing some writing and then us doing some editing and him doing some writing and then us doing some … you know. Well, at any rate. Fast forward to present time.

We are just about ready to send this book off to the printer.

It’s very good. I mean very good. Very. Very. Good. Because of my vast nearly limitless power as “Publisher” at this place, called “Concordia Publishing House” I can, at any time, with the press of a few buttons on my magic word machine (which others call a “computer”) bring to my very eyes pages from projects buried deeply in our computer servers, housed in a secure undisclosed location, which I have to ask permission to see in spite of my vast power….

I grabbed a page for you to take a look/see at.