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Concordia and Koinonia

I saw the following saying on bumper sticker today like the one below while out for a walk in Lexington:

I  think this is counsel that Luther could have said.  From Luther’s second Sermon at the parish church, afternoon, 1531, New Year’s Day,  text: the appointed Gospel: St. Luke 2: 21:

“…go ahead with your “Jesus” and see where you come out. The point is, that what I think and sketch, that cannot be named Jesus; only the child Himself can be called that.  Popes, cardinals, bishops, and the wiseacres of the world think that what they conceive and sketch should be called Jesus.  But they miss the mark completely.  I confess that I myself, too, in times past wanted to engage my God in calculations, saying, Lord God, I have preached so and so, have done this and that, and now you must let me have my reward.  Were…

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