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REBLOGGED from Meditations of My Heart By Philip Hoppe

[COMPENDIUM: EXACTLY! Satan, the Master of Lies and Deceit, works just like this and wants no talk of JESUS  by Pastors. A good post!] 

“Oh no, it is too much. I will be exposed. A murderer I have always been. But I cannot let that be seen openly. I have learned my best results come with great stealth. The dead children will be too much. Surely people will see it and be disgusted. They might flee to Christ. No! Not that! Anything but that.

I must get to work. First, I must convince some that this is God’s fault. I will whisper into their ears, ‘God could have stopped this.’ They will forget altogether the evil that really caused this scene. They will simply question God’s goodness. This plan always works so well. People are always so ready to question God and his ways. I must spread this message through any means. Otherwise, the people will focus on sin and evil and what horror it works. That would be deadly to my cause…”