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…came at the NY World’s Fair of 1964. Wandering about the exhibits, I came across what looked like a castle. Two people approached me as I went in. The table inside held some literature and The Book of Mormon.
All that I remember from that encounter was that the man and woman who approached me asked if they could help me. I was looking at the literature, not picking it up, and I said something about if they believed in the Bible. The woman said to the effect of yes, but we use The Book of Mormon…
I made a quick exit out the door before there was any witnessing to me saying, “No, thank you “to their offer of help. It made a lasting impression on me as to what was this “Mormonism” thing. A few years later in church, our pastor had a series of classes on the cults. I learned much each week about this.
This was in the early 1970’s, perhaps 1973-4, that I took those classes. I was in my early 20’s and what did I know about anything at that age? The thing that stuck with me all these years is that the pastor said that those who get involved in these cults, etc. have NOT read their Bibles; people do NOT know their Bible. Yes, that and not attending church regularly, going away to college and getting away from the weekly attendance, and the like, are other ways that the pseudo-Christian religious movements and cults attract people.
The Bible, though, is the foremost reason of keeping people, especially the youth, with the Triune God of Christianity. I can see it in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, and other cults where the false doctrine is really difficult to distinguish at times without studying the Bible to find the truth. I still have to go back all the time and study. It is a lifetime education. We forget things, don’t understand the ideas that are put out by these movements and groups, and could easily be diverted away from God. I use the Lutheran Study Bible, Published by the Concordia Publishing House, all the time.
In the case of Mormonism, they use the same terms as Christianity but with completely different meanings. Take this one point:
God the Father and Mary produced Jesus through sexual relations. Strange but true doctrine in Mormonism. There are so many other false statements in their doctrine that I could not find the space to list them all. You can see in-depth discussions and read the comparisons of Mormonism with Christianity on this website (by Christians who are ex-Mormons):


You can also read more on other religious movements, etc. and the false doctrines on these Lutheran (LCMS) websites:



Thanking God daily for keeping me with Him in truth all these years…