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Take a look at this interesting study of the Nicene Creed. I encourage you to use this and walk through the various articles and phrases of the Creed, look up the corresponding recommended Bible verses, and study them in The Lutheran Study Bible, and you will have a very rich and rewarding experience with God’s Word. Thanks to Michael Mapus for sending me this information.

When I confess the creeds during the Divine Service, I find myself closing my eyes, folding my hands, and praying the creeds. It is a deeply devotional and spiritual moment for me at that point and as I say each phrase a whole host of thoughts and images race through my mind. I see images of each of the events confessed. I think of the historic circumstances why each phrase was chosen and think of the church fathers, particularly Athanasius, who sacrificed so much to protect, defend and confess the faith so that we today would be rightly worshiping and confessing the Holy and Blessed Trinity, all glory to Him, for ever and ever!

This was prepared by Richard Gilbert, from Hacienda Hts. California. He suffers from severe MS and put this together about 10 years ago. WHAT A GEM! It is posted for public use. Please remember Brother Gilbert in your prayers!

The Nicene Creed According to the Scriptures

I Believe
Rom. 10:9, Jas 2:19, John 14:1

In one God,
Deut. 6:4, Is. 44:6