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[REBLOGGED from Meditations of My Heart By. Rev. Philip Hoppe]

Last night, David Letterman was getting ready to read the top ten list as he does every night. The topic last night was “Top Ten Things Never Said Before by a Pope.” It was satire based on this statement by the Pope earlier this week, “The question for those who do not believe in God is to abide by their own conscience. There is sin, also for those who have no faith, in going against one’s conscience. Listening to it and abiding by it means making up one’s mind about what is good and evil.”

Before even getting to the list, Letterman said, “This is automatic because God don’t care. That is nature of having an all knowing, all loving being. God doesn’t care. He don’t need your vote. Everything’s fine.” After a brief pause he continued, “A lot of people pretend if you don’t believe exactly the way I believe in things, then God will hate you. Well, that’s not true. God’s not capable of hate, incapable of hate. He created everything. Why would he hate something he created? It just can’t happen. It does not work that way.”