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Concordia and Koinonia

Truth Shadowed

5 May 2014

The truth will triumph, but not in the way we expect. It’s triumph is always hidden under suffering. That’s why the truth claims to stand on its own. It is not buttressed by anything else. Either a statement is true by its own lights, or it’s not. You cannot prove the truth true by its utility, success, or glory. Nothing else can be greater than it, so as to testify to it. This is why the truth is never merely obvious, never succeeds by brute strength, and cannot be defended by coercion. The truth then never comes without a cost. The cross and the truth are locked in an inseparable embrace. The truth brings the cross and the cross shadows and protects the truth. The truth is always blood-spattered. External, ecclesial guarantees of the truth simply don’t exist.That is why the church must be…

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