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I’m posting 2 reblogs on decision making. Both were back-to-back in my inbox.

The first post is from Life After Ministries which is posting about a LDS leader at their General Conference in April 2015. Life After Ministries is a Christian website assisting Mormons with their questions and leading them to the TRUE JESUS. Many Mormons want to leave but don’t know what to do. Life After Ministries assists them with their decision.

In the first post and explanation by Life After Ministries, you can see that the Latter Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) go by “what is revealed” to their ‘prophets’. These revelations are NOT biblical-based but depend of the prophet’s feelings on the subject. Like their religion, which is non-Christian, their doctrines are also not biblical-based. Their Elder talks about making decisions…

In recent years, however, the LDS wants to look like and sound like another Christian Church. Checking what they say with the Bible shows us that they have not changed from their past doctrines or refuted them. To the newly converted in Mormonism, the LDS “seems” Christian but later on those leave the LDS church, usually after a year. As these converts find out more and more, see all the ordinances and rules that they have to follow, they don’t want to stay.

The LDS is an evolving religion and changes constantly with their leadership’s views. It’s sad that the Mormons have no real base to check what their leaders say. The Bible is told to them as ‘translated incorrectly’ but no specific errors are mentioned. The Mormons rely on the Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Convents (D&C), Pearl of Great Price, and other Mormon writings instead. Even the Book of Mormon has over 4000 changes! Their Jesus is of another kind with the words having another meaning altogether. They worship another god entirely.

In reality, it is a false religion and false doctrine. Compare that with Christianity and you’ll see the differences readily. We Christians believe that the Bible is the SOLE scripture and word of God. We can check what others and pastors say with the Bible. We let scripture interpret itself from other parts and verses. All that God wants us to know is in the Bible. There are no ordinances and such to follow but we follow what Jesus said and told us to do.

The second post is from Pastor Klaus of the Lutheran Hour. He speaks of making decisions but from the Christian side. Pastor Klaus show us how to correctly make good decisions with the help of the Holy Spirit. He also tells us what he has learned throughout life.

The comparison of these posts will show you how deceptive the LDS is and that they sound good to the person who doesn’t know their Bible. If only they would check what they hear and read with the Bible many questions and concerns would be clearly answered. That is the primary goal of Christians who witness and minister to the Mormons- have them read and check things with the Bible.

Yes, the Bible has been translated from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages. Scrolls and writing have be found to verify that the Bible has been correctly translated. There is nothing that verifies the existence of the Book of Mormon that has been found. We hope that this information helps you with a deeper understanding. Please pray for the Mormons that they will come to the REAL Jesus of the Bible.